Hieronymus Bugs

Carnival 2023

This Mardi Gras, Interrobang brings you interactive bugs. We hope to trap your attention and through our throws, invite you to learn more about the local insects that surround us. We channel the surreal influence of Hieronymus Bosch to create a “triptych” of heavenly, earthly, and hell-ish delights. Let there be bugs.

Chromatic Jungle: Animal Mating Dance[party]

Carnival 2020


Carnival 2019

Dive in! A giant clam bike, a sea anemone, a coral reef contraption, and plenty of amazing performative costumes.


Carnival 2016 (abbreviated) and 2017 (finished!)

Aimlessly swimming the galactic currents, Mo the Galactopus’s meandering has led her to New Orleans.


Carnival 2015

During her twelve months on earth (which is a typical lifespan for the native festivorous megafauna found seasonally in southern Louisiana), Gilliam the Cloud Whale illuminated nearly a dozen events ranging from cruising the back streets of New Orleans trailed by enchanted revelers inevitably and unexpectedly swept up in her wake to form unofficial and mostly unplanned ‘renegade parades’ to being a star attraction at multi-day music and art extravaganzas. Wherever she was, the party thrived all around her, on top of her, and in the very belly of the beast.


Fall 2015

George is a swamp-dwelling art creature conceived and nurtured by the infamous New Orleans parading krewe Interrobang. A 150cc 4-cycle gas engine turns his wheels, but what truly drives George is his insatiable desire to transcend his mechanical origins and complete his metamorphosis into a 100% organic living creature. Born a machine, George’s one dream is to live, and someday die, as a natural monster. The touching simplicity of George’s vision of self-transformation and the generosity of his spirit moved Interrobang to bend all of their considerable energy and ingenuity to the support of George and his timeless dream.